Friday, March 14, 2008

Wedding Cake

I made my wedding cake last week...


Creamsicle Cake
Orange Vanilla Cake with Grand Marnier Buttercream frosting
Orange Fondant with Brush Embroidered Royal Icing

This is a tasting cake that I decided to cut into instead of destroying the lovely wedding cake.


Aerial View of Cake



Anonymous said...

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Rachel said...

Rachel - your pastries are amazing! One looks better then the other!

Nada said...

Rachel - I came across your blog by doing a search on pastry schools. I really love your blog and your creations. Congrats on your certification program, and what is sure to be a great career post school. Rock on!

Glenn+Jenn+Owen+Ian said...

Rachel, I also came across your blog from a Google search on pastry schools. I have a friend getting married in June and she is on a tight budget and I am wondering if you know if students ever make cakes for less than commercial prices in exchange for marketing/promotion or experience? I appreciate your time and advice. jennmckim at hotmail dot com

Grace said...

Rachel, I am yet another reader who came across you blog while researching pastry schools. Your work is so beautiful. I am considering attending pastry school, and I hope the things I make look as lovely as your creations.